Democrats Want Illegal Votes; Georgia Judge Says No Way

Recently, the state of Georgia made headlines for purging its voter rolls of around 500,000 people. Leftists pushing the liberal agenda to encourage voter fraud quickly lashed out at this event; the implication was that the removal of these voters was another example of a concentrated, systematic effort to disenfranchise minority voters by Republicans. However, the truth of the matter is that Georgia is federally mandated to clean its voter roll on a scheduled basis due to the state’s unique automatic voter registration process.

Because voter registration is done automatically when citizens of Georgia renew or first get their state identification or driver’s license, this has led to a huge number of registered voters in the state along with a very high voter turnout as compared to other parts of the country. What is not immediately apparent is how to deal with is the fact that many of the automatically registered voters in Georgia may move away to another place or they may have even died. The system also does not check for registration in multiple states.

As a result, Georgia must routinely clean out its lists to, ironically, ensure that there is no instance of voter fraud occurring in the state. Democrat Stacey Abrams has spearheaded a ‘voter’s rights’ advocacy group designed to help retain as many of the illegitimate voters on the list as possible. The group managed to get the issue before a federal judge this Friday.

The judge ruled against the charlatan advocacy group stating that Abrams and her cohorts were asking him to incorrectly interpret the laws of the state of Georgia, and that there was insufficient evidence presented to show that any group’s rights were being infringed upon by upholding the law of the state and of the country.

It is no surprise that Democrats once again show they are always interested in chasing down illegal votes.


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