Impeachment Failure: Survey Shows President Trump Ahead of All Democrats

According to a recent survey conducted by research firm Zogby Analytics, President Donald Trump has hit a significant post impeachmeent milestone in the form of a 50% approval rating amongst American voters. In the period following impeachment we have seen voter support and economic progress continue to improve for President Trump’s administration, but with this new survey result it can be safely said that the impeachment tactic by Democrats has completely backfired. Rather than bring down his support, it has actually bolstered it to the point where President Trump’s approval outranks that of all Democratic contenders for the presidential nomination.

The favorable survey for Trump is credited in part to the President’s ability to influence independent and swing voters; Jonathan Zogby of Zogby Analytics said, “Trump is doing well and winning back support with important swing voters: Independents (42% at least somewhat approve/52% at least somewhat disapprove), Hispanics (45% at least somewhat approve/55% at least somewhat disapprove) and women (44% at least somewhat approve/53% at least somewhat disapprove).”

All Democratic hopefuls for the Presidential election are currently polling below 50% approval with Buttigieg trailing the pack at around 41% approval. Analysts expect polls to continue to trend in President Trump’s favor on the back of recent economic success. So long as the US economy continues to shine, voters will rally behind the President.


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