(Video) White Supremacist Joe Biden: Our Culture is Not From African Nation

Joe Biden, a supposed favorite among Democratic voters for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination, has had a Freudian slip on the campaign trail once again; this time instead of discussing little boys touching his hairy legs he is preaching about his superior European culture.

Democrats who often resort to decrying conservative minded citizens as racists and white supremacists themselves were in for a shock when Joe Biden stated clear as day that he differentiates his non-African culture as something that is “ours” referring to his presumably all white audience.

Damage control has been in full effect today by mainstream media, but you can see the unaltered remark for yourselves below:

(Video) Lt. Governor of Texas: “Joe Biden Is Dangerous”

Following the tragedy in Texas this last Sunday, Joe Biden had made some remarks which took on a very unfavorable context. Just days before a brave, armed security guard in a Texas church shot down a deranged gunman, Biden made a point of saying that the idea of legally carrying firearms in church as “irrational”.

The Lt. Governor of Texas had this to say about the issue:

“Let’s be very clear to the American people: Joe Biden is dangerous,” Patrick declared. “He’s not just an idiotic person who says impossible, absurd things. And he’s not just naive. He’s dangerous. Americans have to understand whether you believe in owning a gun or not owning a gun, the Democrats are dangerous. If they get elected to the White House, they will pass executive orders to take your guns, take your ability to protect yourself, your family, your property and your friends as those men did yesterday.”

Clearly creepy, old Joe is not having the best luck this week when it comes to courting favor with American citizens…

The full video of the Lt. Governor can be found below:

Like Father, Like Son: Government of Latvia Proves Biden Ukraine Money as ‘Suspicious’

While democrats bluster about the floor of the house of representatives in an attempt to besmirch the name of President Donald Trump and successfully gain support for a vote for impeachment, the democrats involvement in possible financial corruption in Ukraine remains a great big elephant in the room. Thanks to the efforts of investigative journalist John Solomon new evidence has been uncovered in the matter of the Bidens’ Ukraine dealings. Specifically, the Latvian government has produced documentation showing their interest in some $16 million dollars in loan payments to Hunter Biden and other associates of the Burisma enterprise.

These payments were confirmed by Ukrainian officials, and the Latvian government has considered them to be suspicious. In fact the country’s special law enforcement agency, the Latvian Financial Intelligence Unit, was confirmed to have contacted Ukrainian authorities regarding these mysterious funds to Hunter Biden which have been classified as coming from loans. What sort of loan payments Hunter Biden earned from the Ukraine government is not clear.


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