12-Year-Old Raises Money for Veterans

12-year-old Mikey Anger was only nine years old when he started making YouTube videos of himself customizing lacrosse sticks. His brand Angry Bear Lacrosse has almost 2,500 followers on Instagram and a connection with multiple lacrosse equipment companies.

But that was not enough for Mikey. He used his brand to create a fundraising effort with his local lacrosse community to raise money for veterans.

Last year they were able to bring in over $10,000 according to his father.

“It’s really awesome to just think that, at the end of the day, all this stuff has really come together,” his father said, “From just the love of a sport, to really just a company, to now supporting veterans in a way that has helped raise money for them. It’s been a huge journey, and it’s just going to keep on growing and keep on going.”

Mike Anger, his father stated that the YouTube channel has been a great bonding experience for the both of them and he is proud of is his for giving back to the community.


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