2,400 Migrant Caravan Days Away From Arriving at the Border

There is a 2,400 person caravan coming on their way to a U.S. border right now. There are coming right on the heels of a larger group of asylum seekers that came through the south of Mexico’s border.

1,890 of them were witnessed boarding buses and trucks. They are headed towards Piedras Negras which is a border town across the Rio Grande. They are expected to arrive in a couple of days.

Juan Carlos Molina has been identified as an organizer and promoter of the trip. Honduran authorities have also identified as a rape suspect and have an outstanding warrant from 2015.

Pueblos Sin Fronteras is an advocacy group that led a march in Tijuana last year that ended in violence when the migrants tried to go over a border fence in San Diego. One migrant said, “Pueblos Sin Fronteras told us not to worry, that there was going to be transportation, that Mexico was going to open the gates so that we didn’t have to enter [the U.S.] illegally, via the river . . .What was offered to the caravan of Honduran migrants was a trap . . . The people that brought us to this place, supposedly [caravan] leaders, took advantage of us, they used us in a horrific way, what they did to us has no name.” he said.


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