30+ Babies Pass Away Before Fisher-Price Decides to Recall Product. Are They Sorry Though?

Fisher-Price finally recalled almost 5 million infant sleepers after finding that over 30 babies died using them over a 10 year period. The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends anyone with a Fisher-Price Rock’n Play sleeper should immediately put it away and contact Fisher-Price for a refund and or voucher.

The Rock’n Play sleepers are soft padded cradles that vibrate to put babies to sleep.

Fisher-Price and the CPSC say the deaths happened after the infants roll over from their backs onto their stomach but would not tell reporters specifics. Although Consumer Reports had found that some infants died from suffocation.

At first Fisher-Price issued a safety warning but the The American Academy of Pediatrics urged Fisher-Price and CPSC to recall the “deadly” product.

Fisher-Price and the CPSC said the deaths occurred after infants rolled over from their backs to their stomachs or sides while unrestrained, but did not specify how they died. In an article this week, Consumer Reports found that some of the infants died from suffocation.”

The recall covers about 4.7 million sleepers sold since 2009.


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