5-Year-Old Who Dreamed Of Joining Military Passes

The 5-year-old boy who went viral for his dreams of being an “Army Man” passed away after fighting cancer. His family has asked military members to support him at his funeral.

River “Oakley” Nimmo passed away after fighting a battle with neuroblastoma for almost three years.

He is described as, “feisty, courageous, smart and full of life,” in his obituary. Oakley “often talked of being an ‘Army Man,’ ” and on his free time he “played with his Power Wheels and shot his toy guns.”

To honor Oakley, his family has asked for military service members or veterans to attend his funeral service in uniform.

“We are going to give Oakley a full military service in honor of his wish to become an ‘Army Man,’ one day,…We really want to pay tribute to this soldier,” his family wrote on Facebook.


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