A Young Person’s Rise With The Trump Administration

At the 2012 Trump convention Christos Marafatsos, fresh off a vacation in Greece, was a deep bronze, and probably ended up but the darkest person in the RNC crowd. Marafatsos is an American-born son of Greek immigrants. He got into the Trump crowd by being the leader of the National Diversity Coalition. Diversity has always been his purpose. The coalition was formed at a time accusations of racism were swarming the Trump campaign.

And rolling on that Trump train early on has opened many doors for him. Marafatsos now regularly visits the White House, accompanies Ivanka Trump and Ben Carson, and is just a money making globe trotter.

Trump has even been photographed in the Oval Office with a document stamped with the logo of Marafatsos’ investment firm laying on his desk. He has “Never seen them be not nice.

He is the perfect example of a young person’s rise in the Trump era.


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