Abortionist: Babies Are Being Born Alive to Harvest Their Organs

Last week in California, an abortionist testified under oath that there are abortionists who are allowing babies to be born alive in order to obtain fresher organs. This testimony came during a preliminary hearing where a criminal case was brought on.

This hearing involved two undercover journalists, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt who illegally videotaped Planned Parenthood employees. The videos they obtained showed to the sickening fact that Planned Parenthood does in fact, traffic aborted body parts.

Over the last two weeks, more information has emerged due to witnesses and Planned Parenthood employees testifying during these hearings. Daleiden and Merritt, who are associated with the Center For Medical Progress, are facing 13 felonies. These felony counts are for illegal videotaping and one count of conspiracy to illegally videotape.

In 2015, these determined journalists released videos that exposed Planned Parenthoods the harvesting of organs and other body parts from babies that were aborted. They also shed light on the different standards that were used to determine the deaths of the babies.

The hearings that are being held in San Francisco were meant to determine if there was enough probable cause to have Daleiden and Merrit charged. However, it uncovered much more sinister actions. It revealed the violent is disturbing crimes that the abortion industry takes part in, especially the abortion giants Planned Parenthood and StemExpress.

“Planned Parenthood was hurting people, killing people, and selling people,” he said. “And we have the videotape evidence of it straight from their own mouths,” Daleiden stated.

Daleiden started researching the fetal tissue harvesting industry. He focused his investigating a 2012 Stanford University study that procured baby hearts which were given by StemExpress. Daleiden reached out to Dr. Theresa Deisher, who is an expert regarding stem cell research and holds a doctorate in physiology.

She told him that the fetus would need to be alive to have the organs harvested. Deiser said that there is no doubt that the abortionists did this on purpose. “They want those babies coming out with beating hearts,” she stated.

One of the more prominent people Deleiden recorded was the CEO of StemExpress, who was heard on video discussing the profitable relationship her company had with Planned Parenthood. She confirmed her company StemExpress supplied fully intact embryos and unborn babies, beating hearts, and babies whose heads were still connected to their bodies to various universities for research purposes. The CEO, who cannot be identified because of a gag order put in place by the abortion industry’s legal team, stated. “Yes, we have provided heart tissue to Stanford.”

The dehumanizing abortionist strives to create is not only sad but ultimately pathetic. The CEO was heard on video calling babies ripped from the womb with all limbs still connected as “intact cases.”

One of the longest practicing abortionists located in the U.S. testified during these hearings. Dr. Forrest Smith has performed between 30,000 to 50,000 abortions over his 50-year career. During his testimony, Smith recanted that at Planned Parenthood clinics, when a woman was at risk through the way abortions were performed, and live births would occur instead. Deliberately changing the abortion procedure to ensure the delivery of babies alive with beating hearts was also a practice that arises, according to Smith. He said that specific methods would enable them to remove more intact organs.

Daleiden and Merrit are being charged for undercover videotaping which showed the disgusting practices of the abortion industry, Planned Parenthood, and StemExpress have yet to answer for this. The Senate Judiciary Committee requested to receive an update regarding the federal investigation of Planned Parenthood and StemExpress. However,no updates have been given to them regarding the status of the case from the FBI or Department of Justice.

When you search Daleiden’s name in Google, nothing from The New York Times or CNN comes up. Local news sites such as The San Francisco Chronicle and The L.A. Times have failed to report on this jarring court case. Why are there no stories from these hearing that are turning up?

Well, why would reporters from the mainstream or liberal media want to cover a case that uncovers damning reports against abortion facilities? It is very inconvenient to the Left that this case is in existence. Their very own Kamala Harris has implicated herself in trying to prosecute Daleiden. This former California attorney general needs to keep her political donors at Planned Parenthood happy with her.

Under the California Shield Law, the unreleased videos Daledien obtained should have legally been protected. This did not stop brazen Harris from demanding a search warrant in 2016. Which led to the raiding of Daleiden’s apartment, taking his computer, camera, and the footage he was able to get.

There is email evidence where records show the interactions between officials from Planned Parenthood and Harris’ office. Various things such as creating legislation to go after Daleiden and filing police reports were found through this. This all was covered in the courtroom during these hearings.

The mainstream media is determined to undermine the violence that abortion incites. The press echoed Planned Parenthood’s inaccurate claims that the videos were “deceptively edited.” Witnesses, including abortionists, all confirmed the videos’ credibility and showed the truth of the media’s and abortion providers’ deceptive lies.

Some of the sinister information gained from the hearings so far include how an abortionist from Planned Parenthood testified that obtained fetal tissue from the abortions she regularly did. She also admitted she heard of times where money was being given to StemExpress for the collected tissue.

A late-term abortionist admitted that officials from an organ and tissue procurement company had come to the Fresno, California Planned Parenthood location on multiple occasions. StemExpress has become more abundant and has done much more business as was confirmed by its CEO.

A sickening revelation was obtained from a former director at Planned Parenthood. This director stated. “We’ve been pretty successful” when asked about the ability to flip a baby in the womb to breech position in order to extract it with the head intact for brain harvesting.”

A former director also confirmed at the hearings that the videos that were recorded were not altered.

These two undercover journalists, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, bravely reported on the utterly disgusting practices by Planned Parenthood. They are facing serious charges and prison time for their act of unveiling the truth about the abortion industry’s motives. If any pro-life advocates would like to lend support to these journalists, they are going to need it.

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