Adam Driver Credits Hollywood Success To His Time in the Military

35-year-old Hollywood actor Adam Driver thanks his military experience for his rise to stardom.

Driver joined the Marines when he was only 17 not long after the 9/11 attacks. Driver credits his time in the service helped open his eyes to potential and opportunity. “But the military kind of stripped you away from – I think, even if it is an illusion – being scared of the civilian world,” he said.

Driver explains his time in the service helped him strip away the inhibitions he faced during his early attempts at acting. “You have that kind of like survival mentality in the military. It gives you a lot of confidence going back out into the world,” he said.

And now that Driver is a Hollywood A-Lister he still remembers his military family. He created a charity called, Arts in the Armed Forces whose purpose is to dedicate arts programming for active duty service members, veterans, and families.

In 2017 Driver surprised a military family when he presented them with a college scholarship. Driver personally delivered a scholarship to Hayley Grace Williams whose father was injured during a training exercise.


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