Admiral William McRaven Recalls Advice He Gave to SEALS that Took Down Osama

When U.S. Navy Seals prepared to go after Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind behind the Sept. 11 attacks, Admiral William McRaven had few words for his troops.

He advised the men to treat the raid as “any other mission.” He wanted his men to know “it is going to be easy to get overcome by the moment but just do your job.”

He knew the raid would feel different because the target was Osama Bin Laden and that it would be a historic moment “in terms of bringing justice to all those people that were killed in 9/11.”

When asked what kept him going the admiral stated,

“If you spend time around the young men and women of the military, you can’t help but be inspired by their courage, their heroism, their sacrifice … all you got to do is spend a little time with them and you’ll get the energy to do the job.”

“I hear this that the millennials are pampered and they’re soft and they’re entitled. I’m quick to tell people, ‘then you never saw them in a firefight in Afghanistan’ or ‘you never saw them in a classroom in the University of Texas system trying to improve their life and the lives of their families.”

McRaven is currently promoting his book called, “Sea Stories” which recount details from his life of service.


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