Alabama GOP passes a resolution to try and remove Ilhan Omar from Congress

Republicans in Alabama are adamantly urging lawmakers to expel Rep. Ilhan Omar from Congress. The Minnesota congresswoman has continually made controversial statements which include remarks about Israel and her backing of boycotts against the Jewish state.

The Alabama state GOP passed a resolution as of last week which called on the congressional appointment to “proceed with the expulsion process” against Omar. They are doing so under Article 1, Sect. 5 of the Constitution which allows for the expulsion of a member of Congress who act in “disorderly behavior.” In order for removal, a two-thirds vote is needed.

In the resolution, it stated. “Representative Omar has engaged in rhetoric that explicitly runs counter to American values and patriotism by falsely accusing U.S. armed forces of committing war crimes while on a mission to liberate her home country of Somalia.”

Omar has claimed that American forces are responsible for killing thousands of Somalis in 1993. The incident is known as “Black Hawk Down,” and the U.S. forces were in Somali to save the people from starvation and injustice that was enacted by warlords.

The resolution also discussed how Omar dismissed the horrific 9/11 terror attacks that were conducted by radical Islamists. Omar dismissed the attack on the World Trade Center by stating ‘some people did something.’

It continued to accuse Omar of being a sympathizer with convicted terrorists by defending and encouraging sentence leniency for them. Omar advocated a U.S. District Judge to have sentence leniency when it came to a convicted terrorist. This terrorist is a member of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

State Rep. Tommy Hanes is responsible for introducing the resolution which was ultimately accepted on a vote. It was reported that one Republican in attendance opposed it.

Hanes released a statement to Fox News and insisted Omar’s race and religion were not an important reason why this resolution took place. Instead, he said her sympathy for radical Islam was a leading reason.

In the statement from Hanes, it reads “Rep. Omar is ungrateful to the United States and the opportunities that have been afforded to her. Anyone that holds contempt for America ought not to serve this great nation as a member of Congress.”

It is a reasonable thing to question. If someone who has made continuous statements that have painted the United States in a bad light, why would the American people have confidence she would be here to serve us? As a Somali refugee, Omar and her family were welcomed to the United States. She fled from a war-torn country and was offered safety. Yet, she seems to despise everything this great country has offered and seems intent on tearing it down and building a socialistic society.

Omar did not take long to respond to the resolution. She took Twitter to say she was elected by 78% of the voters in Minnesota’s 5th District, and not the Alabama GOP.

Omar has faced backlash and criticism from both Republicans and some Democrats over her many remarks related to Israel.

Alabama Republicans pointed out that she has an alarming record of using anti-Semitic rhetoric. She has even accused that Jews have used Jewish money to buy American influence in regards to the U.S. and Israel relationships. It continued to talk about Omar’s strong support for the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement which aims to use economic burdens to put negative pressure on Israel.

Ilhan Omar made history when she became the first of two Muslim women elected to Congress this past year. Both the Muslim congresswomen, Omar, and Rep. Rashida Tlaib, were barred from entering Israel recently when the disturbing details of the trip were uncovered. Instead of calling it Israel, the two consistently used the term Palestine in reference to where they were going. They also had plans to continue in support of boycotts towards Israel.

Alabama has been receiving both admiration and support and also extreme criticism recently. In May, the state enacted The Human Life Protection Act and the Alabama abortion ban, which almost wholly restricts abortions. This will be starting in November 2019.

This has brought on fury from the left with boycotts for the state being a regular topic discussed by Democrats and celebrities. Planned Parenthood is now getting in on the action and is building a rather large clinic in Alabama despite the restrictive abortion bans.

This women’s clinic is proposed to be 10,000-square-feet, which is currently under construction and ironically is supposed to be completed in November. This is the same time the state’s abortion law will be enacted into effect. Exemptions of rape and incest are not permitted, and all abortions are restricted unless a mother’s life is in danger.

The clinic in works will offer abortions, along with other services such as birth control and screenings for sexually transmitted diseases.

Many were surprised that Planned Parenthood has aggressively continued the construction since the bill’s passage.

When it comes to supporters, many conservatives are quite pleased with the state. Alabama’s willingness to stand against abortion, embrace traditional values, and their determination to stand up against other states’ problems, is being welcomed by many Republicans.

Instead of looking at the facts and disturbing actions that Omar has demonstrated, many top Democrats have accused the criticism of her as racism and Islamophobia. This is a typical pattern seen used from many on the left. When you present evidence and reasonable arguments, that is not focused on one, but instead is deflected with irrelevant accusations.

It is not just an isolated incident that Omar has been cloaked under; her offensive comments and behaviors have been an ongoing issue.

The impact that the resolution that Alabama has passed remains to be seen. Under the guidelines of Article 1, Section 5 of the U.S. Constitution, it seems like there is ample evidence to support her expulsion.

However, there was ample evidence to indict and charge Hillary Clinton. We watched how deleting 33,000 emails, and destroying subpoenaed evidence got disregarded.

It seems likely that the left’s darling, Ilhan Omar, will continue to see many more days as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

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