Alarming Rate of Muslims Objecting to Dogs in Public Places

Recently there have been flyers all over a local park that said, “Many Muslims live in this area and dogs are considered filthy in Islam. Please keep your dogs on a leash and away from the Muslims who live in this community.”

When the mayor was questioned he noted that they were not put up by the city but that he wasn’t sure if they came from a member of the Muslim community or someone who just wanted to be problematic.

And even though the source of these flyers is still unknown, there have been similar anti-dog incidents in Muslim heavy communities, especially in Europe.

For instance, a Dutch Muslim politician called for the banning of dogs in The Hague, one of the largest cities in the Netherlands. In Spain two Islamic groups in a region where 20% of the population is Muslim, requested officials keep an eye out on dogs in public spaces as they are “offensive” and claimed that the presence of dogs violates their religious freedom because it comes into conflict with their Islamic principals. After politicians did not honor the request there was a large number of dog poisonings.

But in England and the U.S., there have been cases where Muslim taxi drivers will refuse even blind-passengers with helper dogs. In Minneapolis, taxi drivers will quit when forced to pick up passengers with dogs. In England, blind passengers have even been ordered to get off buses.


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