America Devastated by Two Shootings, & Democratic Hypocrisy: Your Weekend Roundup (8/5 – 8/9)

Hello everyone, I’m (Antonio Jimenez) back again for another “Weekend Roundup.” It was a bit of a rough news week dominated by the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, so we’ll get to that as well as covering a few other important stories. So, let’s get started.

Two Mass Shootings Devastate America

I’m sure everyone has spent a good portion of their week consuming news about the two horrible mass shootings that rocked our country, so we won’t go super long here, but I want to offer a little bit of opinion on what is still a very important topic. This is still important.

On Saturday, a lone shooter walked into a Walmart in El Paso, Texas and opened fire on hundreds of innocent shoppers and employees. The shooter managed to evade the police and leave the scene in a Honda Civic only to pull over and surrender himself to law enforcement. He is now being held without bail, and the DA is pursuing the death penalty. Twenty were killed on the day of the shooting, and an additional two later died of injuries sustained during the shooting.

I’m sure most Americans saw the news, maybe said a quick prayer for the victims, and eventually went to bed without thinking too much about it. And then, tragedy struck again.

At around 1:00 AM, Sunday morning, another shooter opened fire outside of a popular nightlife bar in Dayton, Ohio. Police in the is reacted quickly and heroically, killing the shooter in less than thirty seconds. Unfortunately, though, nine people (including the shooter’s sister) were killed in that short amount of time. 

Due to the string of shootings, politicians from both sides of the aisle have been calling for more stringent gun laws including universal background checks, red flag laws, and the banning of assault weapons. While whether or not these measures would reduce gun violence is up for debate, the root cause of the issue is pretty simple…but not an easy fix.

When did mass shootings start? After we took the Ten Commandments out of our schools. After we took prayer out of public venues after our country supported the murder of babies, this country is in trouble because we have abandoned our foundation. 

I’m not saying El Paso and Dayton happened because we took a plaque off the wall, but all of the things I’ve just listed have contributed to the increased depravity in our society. People don’t see the purpose in life anymore. They don’t know how to feel someone else’s pain. This is truly the “selfie” generation, where all people care about is getting the perfect shot for their Instagram account. America must wake up, and realize that we have not just abandoned but destroyed our Christian heritage. We live in a society where killing babies is an accepted, everyday practice. We have turned our backs on traditional marriage and slapped God in the face by celebrating it. What would our Founding Fathers think of us now?

But we also have to acknowledge the fact that boys are going fatherless at heart-wrenching rates. A boy needs a man in his life to look up to, to play with, to learn from. There are some things a mother simply can’t do, and that void created by an absent father will cause a young man to look for something else to fill that empty space. Why do you think almost every single mass shooter has been a young man?

Also, American young people, as a whole, do not have the incentive to really make something of themselves. Depression is running rampant. Atheism has led to a sense of despair and worthlessness all over the country. We have gotten to the place where a motorcycle backfiring in Times Square creates a scene of complete pandemonium. 

America needs some serious help, and politics aren’t going to fix this problem. It’s time to stop politicizing these tragedies and actually work together as a nation to fix the root cause. God, help us.

Team Mitch Locked Out of Twitter Account for Posting Video of Protestors

Big tech bias is real, folks. On Tuesday, dozens of protestors gathered outside of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s house to protest, um, him. Adults and children were photographed and videoed yelling and holding signs, and one picture showed a young girl holding a handwritten sign that said “Mi[t]ch McConnell. More like B**** McConnell.” Video from the event also showed a woman saying that she wished someone would “stab the motherf****** in the heart.”

So what does this have to do with big tech bias?

The Twitter account for Mitch McConnell’s campaign team posted a video of the protest on their account, and we’re then locked out of Twitter. Twitter cited it’s violent threats policy, saying that “The user was temporarily locked out of their account for a Tweet that violated our violent threats policy, specifically threats involving physical safety.” Um, I don’t think Team Mitch was calling for a violent attack against their boss, yet, Twitter goes through with this even though the hashtag “Massacre Mitch” trended during that time. 

Eventually, after a call for Twitter to reverse course and threats from the Trump Campaign, the RNC, and other Conservatives to pull ads, Twitter unlocked the account on Thursday. Team Mitch tweeted out: “Victory!!! Thank you to everyone for helping #FreeMitch.” 

This incident very plainly shows the bias and hypocrisy permeating big tech. During a week when Rep. Joaquin Castro posted the names of forty Trump donors and faced no repercussions from Twitter, this looks bad for them. It’s time for Conservatives to stand up and not let this trash go unchecked. Not with Twitter. Not with Google. Not with Facebook. What prominent Republicans did in support of Mitch McConnell was great, but it shouldn’t take all of that. 

Listen, I don’t want the government to get involved in these companies, but Silicon Valley needs to get their act together or something is going to have to happen.

Poor “Sleepy Joe”

Joe is at it again. While giving a speech to a room full fo Hispanic and Asian children at a campaign stop in Iowa, the Democratic front-runner said: “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” Whoops. After an awkward silence, he followed it up with “wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids.” 

Can you imagine if President Trump had said something like that? Lord help us, I’m pretty sure it would be a five-day news story with reporters in Washington shoving a microphone into the face of every Republican on this Hill and asking questions like “Do you think this mistake gives us a glimpse into the white nationalistic leanings of Trump?” and “Will you, as a Republican, condemn the president’s latest white nationalistic statement?” The Left can be described in one word: hypocrisy.

News Ticker

-Newly released records show that the FBI knew of the extreme anti-Trump bias of Christopher Steele but continued to use his dossier in the FISA courts.

-China has devalued its currency (the yuan) to combat tariffs put in place by the Trump Administration. 

-Judge favors ex-student in Virginia transgender bathroom case.

Podcast Suggestion: The Five

The Five by Fox News is a roundtable discussion by five Fox personalities on the top issues of the day. A daily show on FNC, The Five is released on all major podcast platforms as a convenient audio show. You’ll laugh, gasp, and be informed as The Five tackles news-related issues and some that aren’t. 

Alright thanks, for tuning in (reading in? I don’t know). Please remember to pray for the country and for the victims of the El Paso and Dayton shootings. Hopefully, this next week will be a bit better than this week, and even if it isn’t, we’ll be back for another “Weekend Roundup.”


-Antonio L. Jimenez



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