Another Bomb Threat to a Church on Easter Sunday

On Easter, Sunday churchgoers were forced to take down a woman holding not only a handgun but a baby as well.

Within two minutes of the first call, San Diego Police was able to arrive. The speed at which they arrived probably has to do with the fact that churches around the world are on heightened alert since the Sri Lanka Easter bombings.

According to police 31-year-old Anna Conkey, was ” threats that she was going to blow up the church”. Ben Wisan, a church leader stated that Conkey was no stranger to the congregation and that they had in fact known who she was as she had been, ” coming on and off for a little bit of time.

Attending churchgoers were able to pry the baby from the woman’s arms, take the gun away then tackle her to the ground.

A bomb-sniffing dog had found nothing in the church, nor in the suspect’s car.


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