Anti-Religious Group Demands Crosses be Removed, Texas Responds.

A town north of Houston, Texas is rallying against a group’s demands to take down a Courthouse cross. an

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation complained that the four crosses found on the San Jacinto County Courthouse violate the Constitution and demanded they be taken down immediately. The Texan town defied the demands.

People gathered by the hundreds in a town hall and voiced support for the crosses before county officials voted to keep them on the building.

Preacher Terry Holcomb received a standing ovation when he delivered a message ending with, “Go suck a tailpipe.”

Dwayne Wright chairman of the local Republican Party stated,

“Even a small, tiny speck of a community – when you come together and you share conservative principles – you can push back against any of these anti-religious groups,” Wright added. “We don’t need freedom from religion. We need freedom of religion.”


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