Atheist Wants Veterans Bible from WWII Removed from POW/MIA Memorial

The most recent attack on our veterans comes from an atheist group who attempted to remove a 95-year-old WWII veteran’s Bible from a POW/MIA memorial. The Bible is located in Manchester, New Hampshire, and was donated by former U.S. Army Air Corps Technical Sergeant Herman Streitburger who was held captive during his time in World War II.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is suing the VA and claims Streitburgers Bible is “a repugnant example of fundamentalist Christian triumphalism, exceptionalism, superiority, and domination, and it cannot stand.”

Mike Berry is the chief of staff at First Liberty Institute who is representing the Northeast POW/MIA Network stated that the Bible is a “historic artifact” that gave Streitburger hope in his most desperate times.

“This is the person we want to attack now? This is the person we want to dishonor? That’s outrageous.” said Mike Berry.


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