Australia Proves Gun Control Doesn’t Work, Only Builds more Criminals

Everyone especially anti-gun advocates know that Australia has the toughest gun control in the world, as they have passed complete gun control laws. Those who are in support of Australian gun control believe that these laws work because there has been a lack of mass shootings.

But if it works why did Australian police find firearms in a recent drug raid? 31 people were arrested when police broke up a criminal syndicate that sold drugs from the states Tasmania and NSW. The police seized $2.7 million dollars worth of the drug ice, cocaine, cannabis as well as a gun disguised as a pen. Five other guns were found and seized along with more than $186,000 in cash.

“Pen guns are a concern because they can be easily concealed,” Detective Inspector Kate Chambers said. “The size should not deceive us. That firearm is just as lethal as any other.”

This proves gun control doesn’t stop the bad guys. In fact, this is exactly what happens when you ban them. Guns will find a way in, and that is normally through criminal ways as it is the case in this situation. Just look at the drug trade as an example of what could happen. Someone will want a gun, and someone will have to support criminals to get one. Even if their intentions are well-meaning and for protection only.


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