Bernie Sanders Plans Will Cost Americans $20G Each

The leading 2020 Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders, came to the Fox News townhall located in Bethlehem, Pa and pitched his ideas and his goals to change the economy and universal healthcare.

But be cautious that Bernie Sanders may have good intentions, but he still has not come up with a way to fund his proposals. According to Maya MacGuineas, the president of Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, all of Bernie’s proposals would at least cost $20,000 per taxpayer.

Free healthcare, free college tuition is not technically free. And he has still not said if he would finance that or add to the enormous national debt, which would be dumb. Because according to Maya Macguineas, “..we do need to keep in mind that the national debt of the country right now is at near record levels.”

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget was “incredibly concerned” after they had gone through Sanders 2016 proposals. They suggested Bernie Sanders 2016 plan was only 55% unpaid for. And Maya Macguineas suggest his most recent proposals have not changed much either except that they are in more detail.


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