Border Patrol Agent Heroically Saves 7-year-old Drowning in River.

Immigrants from Honduras were crossing the Rio Grande when their inflatable kiddie pools that were being used as rafts capsized. There were five children with the group and a 7-year-old boy was getting caught in the current. Fortunately for the boy Border Patrol had been watching the whole time, and an agent jumped into the water to rescue him.

Border Patrol was already there with ropes and rescue devices. Agent Brady Waikel thought nothing as he jumped into the river when he saw the 7-year-old struggling, scream then fall underwater.

At first, Waikel’s feet could not reach the bottom and he had to grab the carrizo cane Border Patrol set up on the river bank for support to bring the boy out of water.

“I didn’t even think about it. The mom had the kid over here, and she lost him, and he was drifting off. I didn’t want to wait.” said Waikel.

Because of Border Patrol, all nine migrants illegally crossing the river survived. Unfortunately many do not as a few days before a group attempted to cross in the dark and a 10-month old drowned and three others are missing and assumed to be dead.

“I happened to be there that one day, the agents out there on the ground, they do that on a near-daily occurrence.” Waikel wanted people to know.


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