California Governor Pardons Immigrants Convicted of Serious Crimes

California’s new Governor Gavin Newsom is continuing former Governor Jerry Brown’s policy of pardoning illegal immigrants who have been convicted of serious felonies, even though there are a ton of Americans who would like the privilege of starting over in their own country.

One of the men who have been pardoned was a legal refugee who was convicted of solicitation to commit murder as well as participating in a criminal street gang.

Although they have been pardoned it does not remove ICE’s ability to deport them, it just removes the underlying reason why they are even being looked at for deportation.

This seems to just be pot shots thrown at President Trump as he took shots at him in the past.

“I’m constantly trying to understand the moment we’re living in, the xenophobia, the nativism that marks the populism of this moment. Any of us who are students of history know that it’s not without precedent. It’s not novel. It’s hardly new. It’s very familiar.” Newsom said


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