China Forcefuly Tearing Down Christianity

The Chinese government is going from town to town, inviting homes of the poor, rural communities. They barge into their houses, and if they see any religious items, they tell them they have to rip them down and replace them with posters of the current president of China and the Chairman Mao Zedong. If the residents refuse to take down their memorabilia of Jesus, they will have their poverty alleviation benefits taken from them.

A resident said that her eighty-year-old husband tried to get up from the table where he was eating to comply with the orders, and ended up taking a bad fall and severely injuring himself.
She doesn’t understand who they’re hurting by having these icons; she asked: “What have we believers in the Lord done wrong, The government forcefully has us tear up portraits of the Lord Jesus, and as a result, my husband got injured.”

Since the beginning of last year, it’s been reported that over fourteen hundred Christian items have been destroyed across a few counties, while some countries have been left with absolutely no religious symbols whatsoever. This “rule” emerged in 2017, with authorities going after the towns full of poverty. Of course, after the threats of taking their benefits away, thousands of Christian residents swapped images of Jesus With the president on their walls.

The government said it was initiated to “transform believers in Christ into believers in the party.” It’s reported that many of the families plunged into poverty after having illness and diseases in the family. Some families turned to Jesus to heal their family members. The government is not stopping there; they’re forcefully turning churches into entertainment venues such as theaters, game rooms, etc. China went from the 43rd most dangerous country to face the most severe persecution for their faith, to the 27th country in a year, with an increasingly tight leash on stricter state control of religious rights.

It’s time for us to take a stand, and we are leading the charge. If you want to put your money where your mouth is and show the world how much support GOD has against these predators, click here to donate JUST $1 to our Patreon page.


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