Chinese Christians Flee China In Fear

China has been brutally cracking down on Christianity in recent years. It is common for the government to bulldoze churches and detain believers in “re-education centers.”

President Xi Jinping has ordered that the country needs to loyal to the communist party by remaining atheistic. In fact, it is not just Christians who are facing persecutions but, Buddhists, and Muslims are also being detained.

Chinese Christians have been fleeing the country in droves just to practice their beliefs.

Liao Qiang was a member of the Early Rain Covenant Church and had to flee to Taiwan when the church was raided because according to China they were in “opposition to the President and the party.” He is hoping to receive asylum in the United States unless China decides to stop their surveillance on religions.

Over 100 members of the Early Rain congregation have been taken into custody from their homes or the church. Laio’s 23-year-old daughter explained to the Associated Press that she had to use social media to report her location to the police every time she left her home. She was also told that her safety is “not guaranteed.”

It was that moment Laio decided to leave the country, “That’s when I knew it was no longer safe for us here, and that my children were most in danger,” Liao said.

Currently, the Chinese government only allows Protestants to worship in churches that are being regulated by the Three-Self Patriotic Movement.


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