Christian Chinese are Being Beat and Silenced

China arrested more than 50 Christians in its current war against Christianity. Multiple homes hosting prayer services were interrupted by police who arrested people no matter what, including children, pregnant, and the elderly. There have been instances when people have been, “violently beaten.”

In another case, Chinese authorities looted the donations box of a church, then detaining the pastor before closing off the building. That raid took place at True Jesus Church in Anping and involved armed SWAT and anti-riot police. While the looting was going on, the officers were given official orders to remove all surveillance cameras inside the building before they beat members of the church. It did not matter how old, a believer in her sizted suffered two cracked ribs, while the elderly member a badly beaten for trying to help her. Went as far as to a paralyzed churchgoer in her seventies was slapped around.

The reason for all this is because the Chinese Government is afraid of certain religions getting in the way of their demand of loyalty to the atheist Communist Party, and just in case wants to eliminate any challenge to its power over its people.


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