Christian Pakistani Women, Easy Targets For Chinese Sex Traffickers

In Pakistan “pastors” are being paid to give Chinese Sex Trafikkers poor Christian Pakistani women to become brides to Chinese men. The Christian Pakistan community is a good target for the Chinese because they are quite vulnerable, only making up 2.5% of the population in Pakistan. Parents of the “brides” receive thousands, and once their daughter is married to the Chinese men, they will receive a payment of almost $300 a month.
The Pakistan families targeted are also impoverished, so they are promised by the Chinese families that they will pay for the whole wedding. That is a big deal because the Pakistani bride’s family must pay a dowry and the cost of the wedding. So when they hear that the Chinese men are wealthy and are willing to pay for everything plus monthly payments to the parents, they are all for it. Since October, a few thousand girls were involuntary forced in sham marriages. Some girls are as young as 13, disgusting.

Leading to the fact that there’s “increasing evidence that in China, Pakistani women and girls are at risk of sexual slavery.” Pakistani authorities have arrested a dozen suspects of members belonging to the prostitution ring that have been taking these Pakistani girls to China. A senior Pakistani official at the FIA said, among the detainees, it consists of Chinese national and a fake Pakistani priest.
One “pastor,” said he believed “God was happy with these marriages because the /Chinese men convert to Christianity and the poor Pakistani women go from poor to wealthy.”
One young girl,16, returned 5months after being married off. She was pregnant and seeking a divorce; she said: “It was all a lie, all the promises that are made and never kept, it’s all fake.”

Once the girls arrive in China, they are forced to live in rural, isolated towns. No one speaks their language, so they are targets for abuse and have to depend on apps to translate their language and talk to their husbands and locals. The Chinese sex traffickers promise the priests a beautiful life for the girls and in exchange for a nice payment. Some people and pastors will not agree because they know these marriages are not right, and the congregation is against it. It was revealed that in that city alone, over 100 girls have gone “missing.” Human rights watch, in April called on Pakistan and China to get to the bottom of and end bride trafficking.


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