City Had To Spend $75,000 To Pay Migrants and Give Them a Place to Stay

For a New Mexico town, the price of illegal immigration is at least $75,000. That’s what Las Cruces has had to pay in humanitarian aid after asylum-seekers were released to the city. Border Patrol dropped off 10.80 over one week according to the Las Cruces Sun-News. The Sun News reports that they were being dropped off because of a shortage of space at Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention centers.

To deal with the influx of immigrants, the city established temporary shelters for migrants, while asylum-seekers plan to travel elsewhere in America.

Although Mayor Ken Miyagishima stated that the migrants tend to move elsewhere, the city still cannot handle that many migrants.

Meanwhile, Yuma, Arizona declared a state of emergency because of all the migrants being dropped off daily. While another border town Otero, one county over Las Cruces also declared a state of emergency because of criminal activity and drug smuggling at the border.


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