CNN Buys Out Employee Contracts to Cull Their Workforce

Ever since the Mueller report, CNN’s ratings have been falling. CNN is currently pulling in fewer viewers per night than the Hallmark Channel.

These ratings have led over a hundred employees to accept buyouts.

This is normally alarming for most people with a straight head but apparently not for Brian Stetler who claims, “There’s a rumor making the rounds today about big impending layoffs at CNN. A CNN spokeswoman is knocking it down on the record: “No layoffs.” There WERE voluntary buyouts throughout the organization, and about 100 people opted for it.”

Most companies don’t even offer buyouts unless they’re looking to save money by shortening staff. Buyouts are the first step when it comes to layoffs, companies give important people a chance to voluntarily leave before everything goes to waste.

Maybe CNN shouldn’t have tried to take any route possible to oppose Trump, from conspiracy theories to spreading fear and lies.


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