Colorado Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce New Gun Laws

Colorado became the 15th “red flag” gun state. The “red flag” gun law allows for firearms to be taken from people who have been determined to be a danger. Dozens of county sheriffs vowed not to enforce the law.

The law didn’t get a single Republican vote in the state legislature and has lead to guns rights activist to recall Democrats who supported the measure. On Friday, Eagle County, Color., Sheriff James van Beek slammed the new law stating it was well-meaning but “ludicrous.” Sheriff James van Beek, stated “a disturbed mind will no be deterred by the removal of their guns,” also made the valid point that the new law will treat gun owners like criminals, and would dissuade them from seeking mental health treatment. He also stated, “By removing guns from someone intent on committing suicide or murder, we still have the danger of someone who may be unbalanced, now, angrier than before, and looking for another means … explosives, poisons, knives, car incidents of mowing down groups of unsuspecting innocent.”

The new law approved by Democratic Gov. Jared Polis will also allow family, house members, or law enforcement to petition a court to have guns taken based on the civil standard, “preponderance of the evidence,” which means that the defendant is more than likely to be a threat.

In response, James van Beek wrote on Facebook that ” there is just over a 50/50 chance of accuracy”, remarking that someone could lose their guns even without an accurate diagnosis from a health care professional.


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