Democrat Pete Buttigieg Wants Assault Rifle Ban

Indiana mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg, expressed that he would support a federal ban on assault rifles.

Calling them “weapons of war”, Pete Buttigieg stated, “As somebody who is very familiar from my military training with weapons of war, somebody who carried a rifle and a pistol around a foreign land on order of the president, [I think] there are some weapons that just don’t belong in our neighborhoods in peacetime in America”

In reference to a potential assault-weapon ban Buttigieg, “We’ve already decided that this is within the Second Amendment because we’ve decided that somewhere in between a slingshot and a nuclear weapon, we can draw a line. And that’s not unconstitutional, it’s common sense” ..

“And that’s why I think assault rifles need to be on the table too.”

Ever since claiming a majority in the House, Democrats have focused on advancing an assault-weapon ban, because of the mass shootings in America.


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