Democratic Candidate Blames White Women for Her Problems

Saira Rao is a former Democratic congressional candidate who went on a twitterstorm on Sunday.

Saira Rao ran for Congress in Colorado’s first district last year. In the Tweets she blames white people because her life is “miserable” and stated that she does not like looking at the American flag.

“The American flag makes me sick.” she tweeted, along with “White people have done everything to make my life miserable. Yet I’m supposed to not hate white people?”

During her campaign, she was supported by far-left political action committee (PAC) Justice Democrats last year during her campaign. She was defeated by long-term incumbent Diana DeGette who is a white woman.

After she was defeated, Rao stated that she blames white people for their loss and that she was ready to “give up.”

“You’ve taken my love, my money, my tokenism, with nary anything in return. You continue to call angry white men who commit mass murder ‘lone wolves.’ But if someone who looks like me screams ‘Allah’ and fires a gun, it’s “terrorism.” She once said.

Rao founded a club called “Race To Dinner” in which she invites white women to dinners so they can “bear witness” to the pain of black women.


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