Democrats Against Democrats

It seems as if Nancy Pelosi has had enough with the tweets as she goes after four specific democrats herself. “The Squad” consisting of members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley, was reported to have been reprimanded by the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Pelosi.Pelosi herself is a democrat so you would think she would be okay with the things that are said by the democratic Reps. “The Squad” but she has quite the opposite feelings. There was a closed-door meeting about their actions on attacking one another and how they should not be ambushing each other on social media. Pelosi wants them to go directly to her and talk to her if they have any problems or complaints with the other democratic U.S. Representatives, as it only seems to be an issue for the democrats.Their reaction? Instead of taking responsibility for their actions, their deflecting this and trying to make it seem as if Pelosi is coming after them because they are women of color and trying to make it into a racial/bully ordeal. Instead of worrying about the fact that they’re jeopardizing the party’s majority, they continue to act like unprofessional children, that represent the Democrats, and that says a lot.

Pelosi has had enough, with their far-left proposals and opinions on such subjects they have no clue about they are being shut down, Recently she scorned their lonely opposition to one of the party’s bills. Pelosi is also defending herself, stating “I have no regrets about anything. Regrets are not what I do,” which sounds like she is discreetly putting them in their place and letting them know she is the one in a high power ranking and they have very little power in the House.Instead of them confronting her, they seem to be beating around the bush and keep complaining to everyone else with the excuse of being “freshman.” Pelosi sticks by what she said, and her close friend Anna G. Eshoo said, “She chooses her words carefully. She does not misspeak,” “There’s a big difference between being an advocate and being a legislator.”


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