Democrats Refuse to Help Dead Soldiers Families with Tuition, Give to Illegals Instead

The New York Republican Party destroyed Democrats on April 11, via Twitter, “Democrats just rejected tuition assistance for Gold Star families but approved it for illegal immigrants. Would these Democrats dare to look into the eyes of the children of fallen servicemen and women and say they matter less than those here illegally?”

This was in regards to the fact that New York Democrats nullified a bill that would have given free tuition to Gold Star families that had lost a child in the line of duty.

According to “The Assembly’s Higher Education Committee voted 15 to 11 to hold the bipartisan bill, effectively ending its chances of making it to a floor vote this session,”

This killing of the bill by the same legislature that passed a $175 billion state budget that had in it the move to give $27 million in free tuition to illegal aliens, happened only a week later after that same budget was passed


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