Doctor Fired After He Politely Asks Muslim Woman to Remove Veil

Dr. Keith Wolverson, 52, is a doctor in the U.K. who was forced out of his job because he asked a Muslim woman to remove her hijab so he could properly do his job.

More than 11,000 people have signed a petition in support of Keith Wolverson. The petition was created to protect the doctor’s reputation and demands that the doctor be able to keep his job. He has since been unable to find work because of this debacle and now wants to quit medicine.

When the incident happened Dr. Wolverson said the woman did not object after he politely asked her to remove her face covering as he could not properly hear what she was saying. It was her husband who made a complaint.

According to the General Medicine Council, doctors are allowed to ask those with hijabs to remove their veil if they feel as if they have no other option but must respect their wish to keep it on.

“Unfortunately I’m not able to work at the moment as I’m a locum GP and no-one will employ you while you’re under investigation by the GMC. I feel I’ve been left with no alternative but to look at doing something else. I’ve received a lot of messages of support since announcing my decision, which is a comfort. People have been almost unequivocal in backing me.” the doctor stated.

The online petition has hit more than 11,000 signatures in only 24 hours.


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