DOJ Arrest Man in New Jersey for Threatening to Blow Up Trump Tower and Embassy

The Department of Justice recently released news that an Islamic man in New Jersey was arrested for making threats to blow up Trump Tower as well as New York City’s Israeli embassy. He is also reported to have provided Hamas with support and threatened to shoot those who supported Israel.

The 20-year-old was taken into custody by the Justice Department for “attempting to provide material support to Hamas, lying on his application to enlist in the U.S. Army, and making a threat against pro-Israel supporters.”

The terrorist is alleged to have contacted the Palestinian-Arab Hamas terrorist group Al-Qassam Brigades by asking to join them.

In a statement from the DOJ

“In April 2019, [the suspect] appeared in an Instagram Live video wearing a black ski mask and stated that he was against Zionism and the neo-liberal establishment. When asked by another participant in the video if he would go to Gaza and join Hamas, [the suspect] stated: “yes, If I could find a way.” Later in the video, [the suspect] displayed a Hamas flag and retrieved a handgun. He then stated, “I’m gonna go to the [expletive] pro-Israel march and I’m going to shoot everybody.”

The statement also had quotes from the accused’s social media posts

“I want to shoot the pro-Israel demonstrators … you can get a gun and shoot your way through or use a vehicle and ram people … all you need is a gun or vehicle to go on a rampage … I do not care if security forces come after me, they will have to put a bullet in my head to stop me.”

He even posted on Instagram, “I want to bomb Trump Tower.”


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