Even Democrat Mayor De Blasio Pushes for Tougher Immigration

Even New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio increased the list of crimes that would warrant deportation from 170 to 177.

Some of those new offenses include sex crimes such as underage prostitution and trafficking. Those convicted of these crimes will be subjected to removal from America after being turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Mayor de Blasio stated that, “”They fit exactly the type of offenses that are in the original 170, It’s absolutely right to include them. I don’t have any concern about that.”

City Council members were not pleased with the new decision because of the city’s sanctuary status. They stated their discomfort even as Immigration Commissioner Bitta Mostofi stated that it was just a bureaucratic and procedural thing. “We anticipate that this could equate to either zero or very nominal increase of cooperation. Mostofi stated.

Democrats were disappointed as some of them including Democratic Councilman Carlos Menchaca claims de Blasio was playing politics and that the mayor has White House dreams.

Democratic Councilman Francisco Moya stated that the move was baffling as the mayor introduced IDNYC to “protect” immigrants and called for getting rid of ICE just one year ago.


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