Ex-Obama Era ICE Director Tom Homan says Trump Idea to Send Immigrants, Genius

Former ICE Director Tom Homan supported President Trump’s idea to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. He commented that Democrats were hypocrites telling “Fox & Friends” that , ” He pulled the curtain back on the Democratic leadership and showed their hypocrisy in saying they want these people in the United States, they want open borders, as long as it’s not in my district, as long as it’s not in my neighborhood.”

Tom Homan stated that throughout his life time, from experience, he thinks illegal immigrants are pretty much on their way to sanctuary cities. He stated, “That’s their destination. That’s one of the reasons they make this dangerous journey. They want to get to a place where they think they can be protected from ICE and get benefits and in-state tuition, college assistance, driver’s licenses.” Homan continued to argue that Democrats are only arguing against Trump because they cannot resist him as our President. “Most of America realizes the only person coming to the table trying to fix this is the president. The Democratic leadership hasn’t offered up one idea – name on thing the Democratic leadership have done – to address this surge. Nothing,” he concluded.”


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