Father Fights To Save His Seven-Year-Old From Gender ‘Transition’

Just a few weeks ago, a Jury in Dallas, Texas, ruled that Jeffrey Younger, the father of James Younger, had no say in the gender “transition” of his seven-year-old via chemical castration.

The mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, has met with a “transition” clinic in Dallas called GENECIS, where she has discussed the possibility of “hormone suppression” for James. She has also changed her son’s name to “Luna,” and demanded that Mr. Younger affirm James’ new identity and take a class on transgenderism, despite his religious/ moral objections.

This follows the current cultural trend of gender “transitioning” children. Although children are unable to make any other legal or authoritative decision about themselves, trans-activists believe that if children of ANY age wish to, they should be allowed to take hormone blockers and castrate themselves.

Gender transitioning denies many biological realities

Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria

An outspoken advocate against child transitioning, Debra Soh has researched and spoken out about this trend more than anyone else. Given her Ph.D. in sexual neuroscience, Soh’s credibility far outmatches any of her trans-activist opponents.

In an article for the Globe and Mail, Soh shares research about a new phenomenon known as rapid-onset gender dysphoria. In the article, Soh describes the current trend of childhood transitioning as a social contagion. Children who out of place who see their friends transition assume that they are suffering from gender dysphoria. These “trans” children almost always have unresolved issues such as autism or borderline personality disorder. Rather than treating the mental illnesses they actually suffer from; parents are encouraging these young people to castrate themselves.

“But by taking children’s words at face value, the adults in the room are denying them the help they need.”

Dr. Soh on parents transitioning their children

The sex researcher also views childhood transitioning as homophobic. Most children will “grow out of it” and, according to research, 60% that don’t transition become gay adults. Hormone therapy would have altered the course of their lives forever.

James Doesn’t Understand

In the case of James Younger, it seems that the mother is influencing the young boy. In a video that was posted online (which has since then been removed due to a gag order), Jeffrey Younger asked his son about his new identity as “Luna.” James admits it’s his mother who tells him he’s a girl, puts dresses on him, and paints his nails.

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire made an interesting point about one detail most people were overlooking in the Younger case. “Luna” was not the first name James picked. The first name he chose was “Starfire,” the name of a superheroine from the superhero cartoon “Teen Titans.” The boy’s mother instead insisted upon “Luna.”

James has no understanding of reality, or at least not enough of one to decide what gender he is. He is simply a little boy trying to live out a fantasy that he doesn’t understand. Being a girl to him is no different than being a fictional superhero. Leaving such decisions up to him is grossly negligent behavior by his mother.


Due to the thorough coverage of Life Site News and The Texan, James’ case received national attention. Although mainstream media outlets mostly ignored the case, a Change.org petition has received nearly 250,000 signatures calling for Texas lawmakers to intervene on behalf of Jeffrey Younger.

In addition to that, the hashtag #ProtectJamesYounger trended with over 40,000 tweets in only one day. Conservatives and other critics of Gender Theory and child transitioning came together to fight on behalf of Jeffrey and his son.

Only a few days after the jury ruling, Judge Kim Cooks ruled that all medical decisions would have to be jointly decided upon by both parents. The judge also decided Younger would not be required to pay his attorney fees. This decision was likely partly affected by the negative response to the jury’s verdict.

Although this was a massive win for Mr. Younger and Conservatives everywhere, the decision had its downsides. Cooks also put a gag order on both parents, meaning Jeffrey can no longer speak out about this case.

The Dangers of Transition

In the days after the conclusion of the James Younger case, several experts have come forward warning of the many dangers childhood transitioning poses.

Dr. David Bell, an acclaimed UK psychiatrist, has spoken out about these dangers. Bell claims that professionals in medicine are being pressured into accepting children’s claims of transgenderism without “sufficient investigation for its basis.”

Dr. Bell goes on to state that gender dysphoria is a “highly complex problem with many causal pathways… Many services have championed the use of medical and surgical intervention with nowhere near sufficient attention to the serious, irreversible damage this can cause and with very disturbingly superficial attitudes to the issue of consent in young children.”

Any doctors who refuse to immediately affirm a child’s claims are labeled “transphobic.” Thus has been the case for the Dr. as mentioned earlier, Debra Soh, who continually faces pressure from the trans-activist community for her “controversial” view that sex is binary.

James Today

Recently, an anonymous third party on Facebook under the pseudonym Save James shared an important update to the James Younger story. Shared on this account was a picture of how James chooses to dress for school when not under the influence of his mother.

Picture from the ‘Save James’ account on Facebook

“Going to school. This is what it looks like when JAMES gets to choose!” The post went on to clarify that James’ father emailed the school’s principal, asking about their performance in school. “James and Jude’s teachers had reported that there was zero stress or disruptions in the classroom today.”

This case is nothing short of child abuse on behalf of the mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas. Much like children cannot consent to have sexual relations with an adult; they also cannot consent to have their sexual development chemically disrupted.

Thanks to several right-wing media sources, the James Younger case received enough attention to help save this boy. It is important to keep in mind that this gender-transitioning trend is growing. There are many other parents out there fully willing to castrate their children in the name of progress. Not every child has a father like Jeffrey Younger.

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