Firefighters Union Choose Biden for 2020 President, Trump Replies.

After The International Association of Firefighter’s announced their support for former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential race Donald Trump went on a tweeting spree.

Trump was able to retweet 59 replies within 20 minutes, promting tweets to come in from users who stated not all firefighters did not support Joe Biden.

Donald Trump tweeted, “I’ve done more for Firefighters than this dues sucking union will ever do, and I get paid ZERO!”

Biden responded to Trump’s tweets with , “I understand the president’s been tweeting a lot about me I wonder why the hell he’s doing that? Anyway, imagine I’m going to be the object of his attention for a while.”

Before the union choose Biden it actually polled Democratic, independent and non-party-identified. They make up more than 180,000 of its 316,000 members.


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