Freshman Conservatives Threatened By Online Group

A group in Austin, Texas has threatened freshman that if they join a conservative club they will be doxxed, meaning their information will be posted online.

The Autonomous Student Network, the group made famous when they were suspended from Twitter for doxxing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s supporters, recently threatened University Of Texas-Austin freshmen who are planning on joining groups such as the Young Conservatives of Texas, or Turning Point USA.

The self-described anti-fascist group tweeted, “Hey #UT23! Do you wanna be famous? If you join YCT or Turning Point USA, you just might be. Your name and more could end up on an article…So be sure to make smart choices at #UTOreientation.”

They also showed photos of the student leaders of conservative groups as well as posting personal information about them such as emails, phone numbers. They accused them of “harassing professors, infiltrating student groups, and rigging student elections.”

They also urged others to “spot the young racists trying to join YCT or TPUSA, send us a tip so we can keep our reports up to date.”

Shila Bakre the spokesperson for UT-Austin told Campus Reform, “Students should never be targeted or face harassment for their affiliations, political beliefs or any other reason. The anonymous group behind this doxxing is not affiliated with the university, is not a registered student group, and should not present itself in that way. As they did last fall, University Police are continuing to work to ensure the safety of any targeted students and monitor for any potential criminal actions.”


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