God Protects The Church

Government agents attempted to enter and forcibly break into a church, in China’s Henan Province. Over four hundred Christian church members intervened, praying to stop them from entering the building. The power of their prayer worked and holding the guards from entering the church by the power of prayer worked. They were successful and protected from any harm from the possible raid on the church.

Reports state from the religious affairs there were approximately 100 agents and public security bureaus attempted to barge and raid the church.

But all 400 + church members intervened, however, praying and stopping them from entering. Eventually, the officers gave up and left after posting a document from the local religious affairs bureau on their door, ordering it to close.

The notice alleged Wang Yanfeng, one of the head church’s members, and Christian organizer of other religious events held on the fifth floor of an establishment. Because the building does not have approval from the government to conduct religious activities and alleged the Religious Affairs Department did not okay the service on the fifth floor. The religious department said the church violated Articles 33 and 36 of the Regulations on Religious Affairs, as it read documented on the paper. They must immediately shut down and put a halt to having so-called “illegal” religious meetings.

Article 33 of the Regulations on Religious Affairs forbids services or meetings for religious activities without approval and consent from the government. Section 36 specifies that the body of all people ordained for religious duties must be approved. Not only supported but also by associating with a state-sanctioned religious group and announce or give an account of their activities to the local RAD.

The power of prayer is amazing, you just need to have faith and believe our lord and savior is always by our side. No matter what we do or what we go through he is always right there with us when we need him the most. They showed those agents our God is real and Christian faith should be legal to worship anywhere they please.

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