Has Persecuting Christians Become the Norm?

Since the biblical times, Christians have been looked down upon just because of their belief in Jesus being the Mosiah or King.

But why is that it’s the most overlooked ethical problem in the world?

As of today, Christianity remains the world’s most persecuted Religion, according to the widely respected Pew report.

But how is this fair when in this day and age the main issue is racism, but we look past the main Religion that is being criticized, and innocent people are being assassinated every day for their belief in Jesus Christ.

We always hear stories about Muslims being attacked and being wrongfully treated and accused of their Religion by why is it so rare to hear about the mistreatment of a Christian?

I’m sure it’s mostly to do with the fact that we are scared of being judged ourselves or an alibi for Islamophobia. It’s as if it’s more comfortable to stay silent and hold your opinions back then speak your mind and hopefully not be accused of generalized with those racists who blame Muslims for everything. We hear and care more about a beautiful Cathedral church burning down then we do about the people who go there to praise their God and are getting killed for it. Not only in those Beautiful Cathedrals but all around the world churches of any magnitude or attractiveness have people going to them every day to praise their lord or worship and are being murdered and blown to bits.

In places like North Korea or Iran, if they know your Christian beliefs, you will be killed, but they don’t stop there, their families to the fourth generation share their fate as well.

It seems as if maybe the Religion aspect of this isn’t the issue, and it’s more of people’s morals and character that destroy this world and tear people down. No one is ever going to agree or have the same beliefs or opinions all the time, but why not share each other’s views and learn about one another and support each other no matter what. Not Bash them because they don’t have the same mindset as you. We should all be free to believe in what we want as it is our mind and soul, and we should do as we please. But one thing that should stick in our brains, that everyone learns in kindergarten is that however you’d like to be treated is how you should treat everyone you come in contact with. We are all unique and special, there are not two people in this world that are the same, and that should be embraced, not murdered. Kindness can go along way, and quite frankly, it’s much easier to be kind and happy than miserable and mean.


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