High Schools Recognize Students who Enlist in Military with “Signing Days”

High schools are now starting to have “signing days” similar for college athletic students except this time it is for students who are graduating that have intentions on joining the military.

At Robertsdale High School in Alabama, 28 students enlisted into the military. The school held an event where the students all signed paperwork to join various branches of the military. While at Becton Regional High School in New Jersey, the school also held a “military signing” day for their four students who enlisted.

Dario Sforza, the school principal, and the acting superintendent said, “We hope this inspires leaders to have the courage to recognize and celebrate all students’ skills, abilities, talents and post-secondary selections — not only academically and athletically gifted.”

Alex Hunt a student who plans on joining the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program at the University of Alabama stated that “I’m growing as a person, I’m going to become a better human being by coming through this. It’s going to make me grow.”


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