Homeless Man Changes The Life Of A Millionaire

A well known, wealthy Artist Ron Hall had everything he wanted. Money, cars, beautiful house, lovely family, but something was missing still, and he didn’t know it yet. One day his wife told him she had a dream and wanted him to help her out at the local soup kitchen, he wasn’t fond of the idea, but he went. Little did he know his whole life was about to change.

When he started helping at the soup kitchen, he wasn’t enjoying what he was doing. He had a strong mindset on economic status, race, friendships, but soon, his perspective would change.

His wife had a dream about a specific man that would be at the shelter, and she knew her husband had to talk to him. With his wife’s persistence, he went and spoke to the man in his wife’s dream.

The man’s name was Denver Moore, a local homeless man with a lot of wisdom. He asked him if he wanted to get to know him and become friends, and Denver replied: “I’m going to have to think about it.” That made Ron a bit angry because he was the wealthy one, knowing he had ‘ a lot’ more to offer Denver than Denver had to offer him.

Denver had an answer for Ron. He said: “There’s something I heard about white folks that really bothers me. When white folks go fishing, they catch and release. Growing up on the plantation, when we finally got something on the line, we were proud of it, and we’d share it with other folks. So, it occurred to me that if you’re just a white man that’s fishing for a friend, and you’re gonna catch and release, I’ve got no desire to be your friend.”

He’s never had anyone speak to him that way, and honestly never really felt anything hit him as hard as those words touched him.

He couldn’t believe a homeless man could have said something so inspirational and wise to him. He promised Denver, that if he would be his friend, he would not cut him loose.

The story illustrates beautifully that it’s not our race or color of our skin that divides us; it’s our morals and the condition of our hearts. If we can get our hearts to be caring enough, we will love everybody for who they are, and we can come together as a nation. But, we “judge books by their cover,” we don’t stop to examine our hearts.

Christians try to be the hands and feet of Christ, so we need to not judge others that look different from us. Denver always said, “Whether we’re rich or poor, this earth ain’t no final resting place. We’re all homeless just working our way home.”

Dever stuck by those words; in fact, he eventually grew a great relationship with Ron and became quite successful, he became a millionaire himself. He didn’t let it change him whatsoever. He didn’t stay away from the streets; he continued blessing and taking care of people. 

A friend is someone who will lay his life down for another; a true friend is a person that enters into the lives of another, and they enter into their pain and celebrates their joy. They made a film about this relationship between the two men, to try and make a change in the world and encourage people to look for ways to bless others. To show what it means to show the light of Jesus without preaching directly to others.

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