Hypocrisy of Dems: Trump Administration Emails Being Used by Liberals as Evidence

Although perhaps it may come as no surprise that the Democratic officials which we have elected to offices in our congress can be corrupt and hypocritical, what is shocking sometimes is how blatant they can be about it. News from several liberal rags is coming out celebrating the seizure of a single email that may be useful to the Democratic impeachment trial. The email in question was not even to or from President Trump but between other government officials. The record was accessed by an FOIA request.

Ignoring the fact that there is no additional evidence of wrong doing on the part of President Trump contained in this email, one should take a moment to remember another political email saga which occurred a few years ago. This would of course refer to crooked Hilary and her private email servers.

A few years ago it seemed that to the democrats the emails of white house officials and other official correspondence was of no value in terms of investigating Hilary Clinton. FOIA requests were not heeded because Clinton (most likely illegally if she is ever held accountable) kept her email correspondence as Secretary of State on a private server.

It seems the Democrats are happy to hang onto emails to use as evidence against Donald Trump; just do not bring up Hilary’s emails around them as it may cause them to malfunction.


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