Ill Mexican Man Went From Witch Doctors To Turning To Jesus Christ!

A 54-year-old Mexican man living in a village near Oaxaca state said he was worshiping pagan Gods and seeking witch doctors. Then he turned to his last result, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He became suddenly ill, and he didn’t know what to do. The ethnic Triqui, along with his fellow villagers, made regular sacrifices and offerings to the gods of his ancestors for protection and blessing. He turned to witch doctors for help to seek healing because the Gods of his ancestors were not pulling through.

Once he came in touch with the witch doctors, they tried taking him to revisit places where he was frightened. There they tried to undo the scare by offering intoxicating drinks, and blood sacrifices of animals. Once that didn’t work, they convinced him that the ‘evil eye’ had a hold of him and made him pay more money to have them intercede for him with the gods. When he realized that was not working, he looked for medical treatment at a local doctor. They treated his disease before giving up on him as it was clear he was not getting better. They told him to prepare himself for death as he was terminally ill, and he would die. He kept losing drastic amounts of weight and looked like a walking corpse.

Finally, he decided to attend a local service, despite being annoyed by the local Christians who were always loudly worshiping God. There he asked for prayers and immediately felt something. He said; “From that moment on, I felt a change inside of me, something happen inside, and since that day I began to recover. I then made my decision to follow Christ and gave my heart to Christ, and God answered.” One year later, he’s completely healed from his illness – and also training to become involved in the local church.
“To the people of the community, he is testimony because even his physical appearance also has radically changed.” The director or the missionary said. “The Lord not only healed him of his illness, but He radically changed his life for the glory of God. He now serves the Lord with a grateful heart everywhere he goes from both the church and in his village.”

Even though 80% of Mexico is made up of Catholics, the country ranks as the 41st-worst nation in the world for prosecuting Christians. If they do not confirm their religious rituals, they can be beaten or even banished from their village. Also, if you do confirm and refuse to convert, the same will apply to you, separating families and towns all over.
The Constitution for Mexico guarantees the freedom of religion, yet it seems that government does little to ensure citizens’ rights, which make it seem as if they don’t care. It’s appalling that the government continues to let this persecution fester, allowing more Christians to be mistreated and banished, imprisoned, and beaten. If the government doesn’t get involved and fight to protect religious minorities, there will be no change in the trend of increased persecution.


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