Illegal Deported Alien, Stalks and Attacks His Rape Victim After Being Released

A wheelchair-bound woman was fighting for her life after being attacked by the same illegal immigrant twice.

Francisco Carranza Ramirez, 35, is an illegal alien who was living in America for a period of time. He was convicted of raping a disabled 32-year-old woman in her home.

The woman survived the assault after tricking the man into allowing her to use the bathroom. It was there that she was able to call the authorities and he was charged with third-degree rape.

Ramirez entered an “Alford plea”, which means that he wasn’t admitting guilt, but knew that the evidence used against his would lead to a conviction.

Ramirez was only hit was 12 months in prison, despite the pleas of the victim.

Even worse, he had been freed shortly after his sentencing as he was credited with nine months served as he waited for his hearing. And because King County has taken part in being a sanctuary city, it meant that the chances of Ramirez being detained by ICE and deported back to Mexico was not going to happen.

Only two days after Ramirez was released, he was spotted near the apartment of his victim and the next day he attacked her in public as she was walking with her 3-year-old child.

“He dumped me backwards out of my chair, and was choking me and … I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t breathe, I thought I was going to die in front of my kid,” the woman explained to Seattle news station KOMO.

Luckily stander-bys were able to call the police and get him off of her as he beat and strangled her.


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