Illegal Drivers Everywhere? New Jersey Joins New York In Giving Illegal Immigrants Licenses

Some disturbing news is coming out of the state of New Jersey today. Hot on the heels of New York state implementing a law that would allow illegal aliens to acquire valid driver’s licenses, New Jersey seems to have taken a page out of their play book. It has been revealed that Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey has signed into law today a bill which will allow illegal aliens to become legal, valid drivers of automobiles in the state of New Jersey.

This news comes as a shock to hard working American citizens everywhere; New Jersey residents can no look forward to extremely long lines at their department of motor vehicles as well as sharing the road with criminal, illegal immigrants. These dangerous new laws do not require stringent documentation of identification of the part of the applicants, so it is impossible to say if there will be any adequate investigation into the illegal immigrants picking up their driver’s licenses whole sale.

What do you think Patriots? Should we let even MORE states give illegal immigrants the right to drive legally?


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