Illegal Immigrant So Bad Cuba Won’t Take Him Back

David Paneque, 29, is accused of murder. An illegal immigrant who was supposed to be deported two years ago, but wasn’t because the country would not take him back because of his criminal record.

David Paneque goes by the name, “Psycho,” was actually released from a ten year sentence in 2017 for a previous attempted murder, when he stabbed a man several times while trying to rob him. While released from prison he was held in an ICE detention center.

Ever since renewed diplomatic relations with Cuba, they accept very few deportations. Last year they allowed less than 500 people to be returned even though more than 37,000 Cubans are awaiting orders for removal from America. And because of this reason Paneque joked with police officers saying that, “Where are they going to send me? Cuba doesn’t want me.”

The motive behind his latest murder is still unclear, but the video footage is not.


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