Illinois Now Requiring Finger Prints for Gun License

The Illinois Senate Bill 1966 passed the state House 62-52, which would require residents to provide their fingerprints before they get a gun license. The bill will also create a task force that would enforce the laws that require firearm owners to surrender their weapons if their license gets revoked. The legislation also increases the application fee for a gun license from $10 for 10 years to $20 for only five years.

The bill was created after loopholes in the gun ownership process allowed a man to purchase a gun despite his criminal record. He then used the gun to kill five and injuring five more in Illinois. As a convicted felon he should not have been allowed to buy a weapon but the background check failed.

Democratic Rep. Barbara Hernandez said “I don’t want to see this happen anywhere else in Illinois. It was really heartbreaking to see in Aurora, and to see the community broken because of one man’s actions and the families left behind.”

But Republican Rep. Darren Bailey disagrees with the new legislation saying “The government does not need our fingerprints This bill is a total and complete infringement on the second amendment. I’m afraid the passage of this bill is going to take this state to places we don’t want to go.”


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