Isis Leader Al-Baghdadi Killed Under President Trump’s Orders

Under President Trump’s order, the destruction of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a monumental win over terrorism. The U.S. led forces killed the Isis mastermind on October 26th.

Before the official announcement, President Trump posted a message on Twitter on Saturday the 26th, which informed of big news. Shortly after, on the 27th of October, the White House issued a statement confirming that Baghdadi was killed during a special operation mission that was approved by the president approximately a week before.

The U.S. reportedly posted a bounty of $25 million in exchange for information that would lead to the apprehension of al-Baghdadi. A tip obtained by Iraqi intelligence earlier in the year revealed that al-Baghdadi was residing in Syrian border towns. He was allegedly trying to blend in by wearing regular clothes and making sure his entourage did not carry any electronic devices to deter detection.

This harrowing Iraqi-born terrorist wreaked havoc on innocent victims, which included rape, slavery, and mass executions. Americans are among the victims that were abused and killed by this terrorist. The Trump administration has made returning American hostages home a priority.

One woman in particular who suffered the unfathomable wrath of al-Baghdadi is gaining attention for her death. Kayla Mueller died at the young age of 26 in 2015. She was a humanitarian who was exiting a Doctors Without Borders hospital when she was abducted in Syria. ISIS held her hostage, and she eventually died after being married off to al-Baghdadi and severely raped several times by her unrelenting captors.

“I’d like to thank those brave soldiers and everyone involved in that raid, and compliment the president on that successful mission,” Kayla Mueller’s father said.

It is clear at this point that all do not celebrate the positive impacts, President Trump, secures for Americans and the world. The mainstream media lays in wait to ambush the airways with negativity against the Trump Administration every waking hour.

The headline The Washington Post decided to publish regarding the sinister terrorist death referred to al-Baghdadi as an “austere religious scholar.” The full caption read: “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State, dies at 48.”

The tone-deaf heading garnered vast criticism. Many shot back to chastise the news site for defining a ruthless terrorist who hated America as just a scholar.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi began his reign as the tyrannical leader of the Islamic State of Iraq in 2010. Under his influence, this depraved organization known as ISIS took control of cities in Iraq and Syria. Rarely seen out in public, he still gained significant control over his followers and helped to create radical Islamist militants. This military force has continuously grown stronger and has been trademarked with video tapings of beheadings and bombings. Many crucifixions, stoning, and people being burned alive were just a few of the ways al-Baghdadi ordered innocent victims to be murdered.

His journey of violence and evil came to an end when Special Operations forces conducted a raid. The 48-year-old terrorist went to a dead-end in an underground tunnel. He ultimately ignited his explosive vest and killed himself, along with three of his children.

“Baghdadi was vicious and violent, and he died in a vicious and violent way — as a coward, running and crying,” the president announced.

This week, video footage of the raid that ended in the death of the Islamic State leader was released by the Pentagon. The details revealed that U.S. forces killed six ISIS members. It was confirmed that no U.S. troops were killed during this effort. Through DNA, the identity of Baghdadi’s body was found to be positive, and it was revealed that he was buried at sea.

A four-legged hero who is also being recognized is a dog who was responsible for chasing down Baghdadi. Known as Conan, this canine was injured in the mission but is making a recovery. Due to shrapnel wounds on his legs, he is in the process of regaining walking skills.

President Trump tweeted that Conan will be leaving the Middle East and will make his way to the White House shortly. The breed Belgian Malinois are known for exceptional intelligence and has been used by the military for years. This dog, along with the brave U.S. special forces members have won over the hearts of the American people.

This remarkable feat of Baghdadi’s death came shortly after tremendous blowback by bipartisan criticism over President Trump’s announcement of the pullback of U.S. troops in Syria. Newsfeeds and social media were streaming with vitriol at this decision. Many claimed that this move would all in certainty let the militant group regain strength.

This triumphant victory under President Trump’s leadership has left the Democrats scrambling. Their consistent claims that the White House had no “real plan” on dealing with ISIS after the pullout decision. Top politicians declared that leaving Syria was creating jobs for ISIS and came out contradicting themselves in the end.

Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats refused to utter any compliments Trump’s way. Instead, they continued to make impeachment their primary source of the noise. They also complained that they were not informed of the operation in advance. Trump decided to not brief Pelosi and other Democrats leading the impeachment coup against him on this raid.

Based on past experience, there is a very good possibility that top congressional leaders, as well as House Speaker Pelosi, would have leaked information. This would, in turn, have put people’s lives at risk and potential derailed the operation altogether. Trump ensured this move was to keep the American forces safe.

I wanted to make sure this kept secret. I don’t want to have people lost,” the President stated.

Under the leadership and guidance of President Trump, goals have been accomplished that no other president has been able to deliver upon. His promises to the American people are being kept, and terrorism is shrinking under his watch.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s reign of tyranny has ended, and while there is much to still obliterate in terms of radical terrorism, this is a substantial step in peace. Through the bravery and skill of the U.S. special force members and the Trump administration’s orders, the world has seen a great victory.

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